Adriana and Damien

I had the privilege of capturing Adriana and Damien's first professional portraits ever. What an honor! They had such an adventurous spirit and would do anything I asked of them. LOVE!

Tony, Buddy and Pumpkin

I will let you guess who is who. *grin* These dogs were such a trip but oh the cuteness factor is off the charts!

I & T

This couple was hilariously feisty. I guess 30 years of marriage does that to you. :)

The "M" Family

This family was a hoot! I love clients that are as crazy as I am. Do you think they would notice if I sneaked in Christmas morning and joined them around the Christmas tree?

B & J

I was already finished photographing the puppy and was just focusing on these sweethearts when I looked up and saw their puppy standing in this position. I backed up as fast as I could and captured the shot. By far my favorite from their entire session, but of course I have to throw in another one that I just love!

P & K

This couple was just total sweetness and would you check out that dog! They were nervous she wouldn't want anything to do with the pictures but my word, she makes the perfect little model. I love when people bring their pets. It adds so much fun to a photo.

Such Sweetness

Oh these girls just melted my heart! So much sweetness and cuteness combined in one photo! Their parents were awesome, totally hands on making the girls smile and laugh. Definitely my favorite kinds of clients!

The "T" Family

Oh teenage were such troopers as I flew through their session as quickly as I could to put them out of their "misery". Good looking boys though! Good looking family!

The "C" Family

This family was so much fun to work with. Baby girl was hysterical because she didn't want much to do with her family photos but the minute I took mom out of the picture and just put her and brother together, she hammed it up. Kids are a hoot!